Meet the team


We are a diverse team of ambitious and creative members


Each of us brings our own “spices” – the aspects of our personality that give us a unique edge.

We aim high and motivate each other to always learn and achieve more.

Our vibrant and eclectic characters fuel our success and make our office an invigorating place to work and grow in.

Led by expert co-owners


Our two co-owners who are pioneering the New Brunswick B to C Communications branch are Paul-Maxime and Lucile.

Business and marketing projects are their jam. They are experts at team leading, sales management, and client interactions.

Their distinct management strengths compliment each other perfectly and make them the ideal co-heads of a sales team.


See for yourself below!


Lucile, co-owner

Bold, competitive


Founder and co-owner of the business. Lucile moved to Montreal from her home country of France in the fall of 2017 with a business degree and a few years of valuable marketing and sales experience in managing client accounts. Her goal was to take the North American market by storm. She began working at Montreal and she is now fully devoted to implement Human Resource orientations and tools, maximizing our business opportunities and developing our team. In the fall of 2017 and quickly mastered the skills of training, recruiting, and leadership. She got promoted to business owner in Moncton, New Brunswick within one year.

Paul-Maxime, co-owner

Motivating, charismatic


Founder and co-owner of the business. Paul-Maxime got his start in sales and marketing at age 20 where his animated personality made him stand out. He joined the Montreal team at the end of summer 2017, where he discovered the new concept of face-to-face marketing as an innovate approach to targeting customers. He rapidly became a sought-after reference across Canada with regard to his sales and leadership skills. Paul-Maxime got promoted to business owner in Moncton, New Brunswick in the summer of 2018.