Come on in!

We are B to C Connections Inc.


We bring businesses with exciting new products into direct contact with consumers through our skillfully-designed marketing and sales campaigns. We implement those campaigns in the field with compelling product or service demonstrations and exceptional face-to-face customer interactions. We use techniques that play off a customer’s existing intrigue and curiosity, and we amplify that feeling. Big time. That’s how we make such effective repeat sales.

We deliver


• Amazing brand partnerships to target our business-to-customer activities
• The network of a strong and trusted North American system
• A portfolio of multiple distributors with whom we develop durable relationships
• An amazing opportunity to develop your sales and marketing skills in a stimulating work environment

Our work culture is supportive and visionary


We are all going places, and we help each other get there. We maintain a strong team vibe in our workplace by having team meetings every morning and doing other fun team-building activities like sport outings and bowling or go-karting nights when we reach our sales targets. And let’s not forget the business trips to out-of-town events. Business trips = TONS of great bonding time. Plus, we offer the opportunity to attend motivating seminars in the United States where you get to see the bigger picture of the business and learn how to get the most out of it – all you need to do is show up as a leader and prove to us that you want to grow!

We’re coming in hot


We’re opening up our new branch in New Brunswick this year, and we’re thrilled to be here! Bringing the exact same recipe for success that we’ve been implementing in Montreal for years, we’re looking to expand our family out here and build an enthusiastic and hardworking team.