Bootcamp for sales champs

We’ve developed a remarkably comprehensive training program that will take you from trainee to manager in less than one year! Don’t believe us? Here’s how we do it. With focused mentoring, we progress through the 4 levels of the Training Academy:

Brand ambassador

This is where we build a strong foundation by learning the lingo and all types of marketing and sales techniques. We also HAVE FUN and create strong relationships with our other team members. By the end of it, we’re able to sell anything – to anyone.

Leadership trainee


Next, we develop the ability to teach and motivate. We exercise our entrepreneur mentality to improve our capacity to think outside the box and adapt to all situations, like a chameleon.

Assistant manager

Then we familiarize ourselves with all aspects of administration, banking, client services, and customer service.

Manager – aka champion


Finally, we take control of running events, staff, and client portfolios. And we get the opportunity to set up our own offices. #winning.

Are you ready to become a champion?

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