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We are the leaders in outsourced marketing and sales solutions

B to C Connections Inc. is a dynamic marketing firm and operates in different target markets. Our mission is to represent products, clients and services directly to the customer. We lead all retail programs in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Our face-to-face marketing know how enables us to be the leaders in developing our sales network and activities.

Our biggest collaboration is with the two most powerful retailers in the country: Costco and Canadian Tire. We also lead a bunch of different independent events across provinces over the Canadian Maritimes! Above all we train our people how to lead a sales team like a boss to become the Managers of tomorrow!

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Bootcamp for Sales Champs


Our extensive coaching program enables our team members to rise from Entry Level, all the way to management in less than one year! We will expertly guide you through the four stages of Entry Level, Training Manager, Assistant Manager, and Management where you’ll master critical sales techniques, refine your ability to adapt to any situation, develop leadership skills, and learn how to run your own branch.

Entry Level

This level is learning about the 5 steps and implementing them in real life sales situations

Training Manager

This level includes assisting in recruitment and generating high level sales while overseeing a small team

Assistant Manager

This level includes learning about operations, payroll, team management and logistics


This level involves all aspects of the business and beginning to own your own office and run your own location!

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